The prices we charge reflect the standard of care we offer, our experienced staff and the equipment required to deliver this quality of service.
Consults: Our consults are undertaken by experienced veterinary surgeons or nurses. All are a minimum of 15mins long. We do not double book except in extreme emergencies as we feel every pet deserves time to help us properly uncover any issues or give preventative advice. 
Operations: At Henlow Vets we offer the highest standards of care to reduce the risks associated with anaesthetics and operations and keep your pets as safe as possible. This starts from the very first contact with our client care team   this means in practice is qualified veterinary nurses supervising every anaesthetic at all times, state of the art monitoring equipment to pick up problems early.
Routine operating: We prices (neutering and dentals) include the following: Full pre-operative assessment, local anaesthetic and intravenous catheter, pain relief before, during and after surgery, a drip and antibiotics as clinically necessary, individual eye lubricant drops and much more!
  • Veterinary nurse with your pet throughout the whole procedure
  • State of the art monitoring equipment
  • recover with a nurse or care assistant,
  • choice of soft collar or shirt
  • Post operative phone call
  • Post operative checks as necessary
Non-routine operation estimates need to be discussed with the veterinary surgeon
recommending procedure. we try to be as accurate as possible but this can be challenging as possible with ongoing cases
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Clear & transparent pricing

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Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why thousands of people trust Henlow Veterinary Surgery to look after their pets. Some of the top reasons can be found below.

Life-Long Commitment To You And Your Family

From choosing the right pet through to saying goodbye and bereavement aftercare. We’re here for you at all stages of your pet’s life.

An Individual Approach To Your Pet's Healthcare

Including tailor made preventative treatments, feeding, lifestyle and exercise plans. Because prevention is always better than cure.

Your Pet's Well-Being Is Our Highest Priority, Always

We provide extra long appointment times, high spec equipment and facilities, separate dog and cat waiting areas and nurse clinics.

Henlow Healthy Pets

Henlow Healthy Pets is your pet’s “Stay Well Plan.” Being in the Plan helps you save money on the preventative care you need to keep your furry family member healthy with affordable monthly payments.

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