BSAVA Client Information Sheets

There are certain situations where the best treatment for your pet may require the use of medications which do not hold an appropriate licence for the species concerned. In this case we might therefore recommend using such a medicine ‘off-licence’ but these will be prescribed in accordance with the cascade. The cascade is a sequence that all Veterinary Surgeons must follow when treating animals. Each vet must firstly look for alternative medicines that are used in other animal species for the same condition, then medicines for different conditions in the same species and finally medications authorised for human use.

Many human medicines are extremely useful in the treatment of pets and have been in general veterinary use for years. We therefore have documented dose rates and know the safest way of using them to the benefit of our patients. Our use of off-licence medication will be based upon our knowledge of their use in animals and an assessment of the risks and benefits involved. These medications will only be used when they are indicated and deemed necessary and no licensed alternatives exist. 

Due to the cost of a licence for full use in a particular species, there are only a few drugs actually licensed for use in the smaller and exotic species (e.g. rabbits, birds, reptiles etc). The consent we will ask you to sign for treatments for these pets gives a lifelong agreement for the use of unlicensed products (to save you having to sign a form every time your pet is treated). If you require further reassurance about the use of off-licensed medications in your pet, please do not hesitate to ask the vets.

Please find below the BSAVA client information leaflets.

Dr Andre Costa Pereira

Orthopaedic & Soft Tissue Expert

Andre graduated in 2011 and has been working
in the UK since 2013.

Since moving to the UK he has been working in busy hospitals, while training for his certificate in order to ensure high surgical caseload. For the past 3 years he has been the lead surgeon for a large group taking surgical referrals from the other clinics within the group.

He has attended many international congresses and courses to be up to speed with the most recent techniques and has trained with some of the best surgeons in the field.

He enjoys all aspects of soft tissue and orthopedics, but has a special interest in minimally invasive surgery, BOAS (brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome) and traumatology.

He has a certificate in Advanced Veterinary Surgery and is an Advanced Practitioner in small animal surgery.

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