Our pets, like us, are exposed to viruses and bacteria from the environment they live in or that are carried by other animals. We particularly think of young pets but the threat is lifelong, potentially very harmful and even fatal. We are very lucky in the UK to have had vaccine technology since the 1970s which has allowed us to prevent our much loved pets suffering as a result of these infections.

Puppies and Dogs

Dogs are vaccinated against canine distemper virus, canine adenovirus and canina parvo and up to four strains of leptospirosis. The viral components of dog vaccines have been shown to last for more than a year if a full primary course and full booster are given. The bacterial component only lasts for a year so we give annual boosters which are appropriate for each dog. At Henlow Vets we choose to use a vaccine containing not only the most up to date strains of virus but also four strains of leptospirosis. For more information about leptospirosis please click here.

Vaccination protocol

Puppy – 8 weeks old – DHP+L4 10weeks old – DHP only 12 weeks old L4 only

Dog 1yr – DHP+L4 Dog 2yrs – L4 only Dog 3yrs L4 only Dog 5 yrs DHP+L4

Kittens and Cats

Cats are vaccinated against three main viruses, flu, enteritis and leukemia. We choose to use a more expensive vaccines than many of the local practices because they have been shown to cause less pain on injection and fewer reactions.

Kittens need to be 6-8 weeks old for the first vaccination and will require a second at 12 weeks. This is then boosted 12 months later and annual vaccination follow there after. We know panleukopenia vaccination has a duration of over 3 years so once you reach this stage with a cat we will give a reduced vaccination for two consecutive years. At the third yearly booster we will once again give the three part vaccination.

Kittens – RCP + FELV RCP + FELV

Cat 1yr – RCP + FELV Cat 2 yrs – RC + FELV Cat 3yrs – RC + FELV Cat 4yrs RCP + FELV



Rabbits are vaccinated against Myxomatosis, Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Diarrhea (RVHD) 1 and 2. There is no vaccine containing all three viruses so two injections are given two weeks apart. The duration of these vaccines is between 9-12 months so advice on frequency of vaccination may vary depending on local risk.

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